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Understanding Same-As customer relationships in CertCapture

This article applies to:CertCapture

Create a Same-As relationship to share taxability information across duplicate customer records. Once customer records are marked same-as, they share certificate and exposure zone information. Changes or additions to certificates and exposure zones are applied across all linked customer records. This feature is only available for CertCapture Enterprise accounts.

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Unlinking a customer record from a same-as relationship does not undo certificate changes or restore old certificates and exposure zones.


Example of a Same-As relationship


  • Customer A and Customer A2 are the same company, but they exist in CertCapture as two separate Bill-To customer records
  • You have a valid certificate for the Company A customer record, and want to apply that to Company A2
  • Once you apply a Same-As relationship to these two customer records, Company A2 inherits the certificates already applied to Company A
  • Company A2 will also inherit any future certificates applied to Company A
  • Any edits made to certificates or exposure zones are also applied to other customers in the Same-As relationship
  • Before removing a Same-As relationship, understand that CertCapture does not automatically restore certificates and customer records to their previous state.
    • Use the Same-As functionality with care, as creating and disconnecting Same-As relationships can result in erroneous taxability information. Any changes to certificates or exposure zones created by the same-as relationship will remain after unlinking.
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