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Renew an Exemption Certificate in Retail

This article applies to:CertCapture

If a customer's exemption certificate is expired or invalid, get them up-to-date by renewing their exemption certificate.

  1. Search for the customer who needs a renewed exemption certificate.
  2. Once you find the customer record, click Renew Certificate.
  3. Complete the exemption certificate wizard to update the certificate. Much of the customer's information should be there already.
    1.  clipboard_e799ae0374b02d930c25ede1a0e274557.png
    2.   clipboard_ef25a84424c0366bd4f8152fc02d0dc92.png
    3. If Product Exemption Categories exist, select the categories that apply to you.clipboard_e2bf900269d794fab101711a3f4953097.png
    4. Note any messages about the exemption reason you selected. Some exemption reasons are not available for online completion.
    5. Once you’ve provided an appropriate exempt reason, choose to provide information to create the certificate online or upload a copy of a certificate. Not all forms are available for all states. The information you enter in the fields on the left populate the image you see on the right.clipboard_e2e62f319b98de662e54a81c25edf15bd.png
  4. Make it official! Have the customer sign using a mouse, touch screen, or signature tablet (whatever your retail location has available). clipboard_e51807fe1abb8d2109a58f3a87a94c07c.png
  5. Submit the newly created certificate, wait for CertCapture for Retail to process the information you’ve provided, and when it’s all finished, a window appears notifying you that you’ve successfully created an exemption certificate.


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