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Create a Failed API Calls report

This article applies to:CertCapture

CertCapture sends exemption certificate data to AvaTax via an API call. If there are issues with the customer or certificate data that prevent the API call from being sent, an error is logged on the History tab of the exemption certificate in CertCapture. To see a full list of the certificates with unresolved errors, generate a Failed API Calls report.


  1. In CertCapture, go to Reports > Logistics Reports.
  2. Select Failed API Calls from the drop-down menu below Logistics Reports.
  3. Enter a date range.
  4. Select Run Report to see the results in CertCapture.
  5. Optional: Select Email Report or Export Report if you'd like to download a spreadsheet version of the report.
    • Selecting Email Report allows you to set up reports that are emailed to you on a schedule.
    • Selecting Export Report will queue the report to be downloaded. You can find it by selecting your user name in the upper right of CertCapture and then selecting Download Center.

See the Fix CertCapture API errors guide for a list of common API errors and how to resolve them. You can also export the results to a spreadsheet, or email the report to yourself on a schedule.

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