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Create Data Entry Sets in CertCapture

This article applies to:CertCapture

Data Entry Sets are groups of regions that you can select when validating documents. If you routinely collect multi-jurisdictional documents that apply to the same sets of regions, consider creating Data Entry Sets so you don't need to individually select the regions each time you validate a document.


  1. In CertCapture, select Settings. 
  2. Select Company Settings > Data Entry Sets.
  3. Select Add Data Entry Set.
  4. Enter a Name for the Data Entry Set.
    The name you enter here will appear in the list of exposure zones when validating documents.
  5. Select the regions to be included in the Data Entry Set.
  6. Select Add.

The Data Entry Set now appears in the Exposure Zones field when validating documents. Selecting it from the list populates all of the regions as exposure zones.

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