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CertExpress Settings tab


This article applies to:CertCapture

Select Edit CertExpress Settings to adjust your preferences for documents received via CertExpress and CertExpress Public.


  1. In CertCapture, go to Settings > Company Settings > Company Details.
    The Company Details page opens.
  2. Select the CertExpress Settings tab.
    The CertExpress Settings tab opens. The preferences under Setting always appear, but extra preferences appear when you activate CertExpress Public:
    • CertExpress Only preferences, which affect CertExpress activity.
    • CertExpress Public Only preferences, which only affect CertExpress Public activity. 
  3. Select Edit CertExpress Settings to adjust the settings.
    Refer to the table in the next section for information about each option.
  4. Select Update CertExpress Settings to save the changes.

CertExpress Settings tab


Field Description
Upload Certificate Only Disables CertExpress's guided document completion. Certificates must be uploaded.
Disable Upload from Fillable Forms Disables the ability to upload a file when responding to a request in CertExpress.
Append Barcode A barcode is added to the document.
Show Certificate Ids Enables your customer to see the Certificate ID number after a certificate is complete.
Append Certificate ID Stamps a certificate ID at the bottom of certificates created.
Upload Only If Fillable Form is Not Available Enables your customer to upload forms manually that are not fillable, such as a request or an affidavit.

CertExpress Only

Field Description
Days to Allow Account Access to CertExpress The number of days CertExpress access is available to customers responding to your document requests.
Edit Purchaser Information Allow customers to edit the Please Provide Your Contact Information field in CertCapture.
Submit to Stack

When a certificate is submitted by a customer, it appears in the Validate Documents page. When disabled, certificates are validated and attached to the customer without requiring validation.

See this guide for more information.

Customer List A list of Bill To and Ship To customers is added to PDFs created online.
Send Certificate Completion Client Notifications CertCapture sends an email to the customer to confirm receipt of a document.
Disable Customer Adding Any Form Disables the customer's ability to choose additional documents to for submission.
Purge Customer Data on Completion When a user completes a form via CertExpress, the data they enter is temporarily stored so that they don't have to refill fields if they come back to make changes. Enable this setting if you don't want to store that temporary data.

CertExpress Public Only

Field Description
Allow Imports on CertExpress Public Allow customers to import multiple certificates at once using your CertExpress Public URL.
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