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Add shipping regions to multiple customers

This article applies to:CertCapture

If you need to add Ship To States to multiple customers, add all of them at once by importing a spreadsheet. CertCapture uses this information to help track which exemption certificates you should request from the customer.


  1. Download the zip file using this link and open the CertCapture Customer Upload Template Full spreadsheet. 
    The import template can also be downloaded in CertCapture by navigating to Customers > Import Customers.
  2. Delete all columns except for Billing Customer Number and Shipping Customer State.
    • When you upload the finished spreadsheet, CertCapture will only update information in these columns.
    • Use a new row for each shipping state, reusing the same Billing Customer Number if necessary.
    • Search for your customers and export the results if you need a list of the customer numbers.
    Billing Customer Number Shipping Customer State
    Enter your billing customer number. Enter the two-letter abbreviation of the state/region for each Ship To and Exposure Zone you want to add.
  3. Save the import file to your computer.
  4. In CertCapture, go to Customers > Import Customers.
  5. Select Choose File and upload your new import file.

You'll receive an email once the file has been successfully processed. Navigate to the ShipTo tab of the customer records if you'd like to verify that the Ship To States/Zones have been added successfully.

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