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Add Product Exemption Categories

This article applies to:CertCapture

Product Exemption Categories in CertCapture enable you to track active certificates for designated product categories. Use these categories to apply exemption tax codes to certificates. The General Products category has been added for you.

Before you begin

  1. Open a support case to request to have the Product Exemption Categories feature enabled for your CertCapture account. 
  2. After your account is enabled, enable Product Exemption Categories for each of your companies. You do this in Company Details for the selected company.
    • For each company, go to Settings > Company Settings > Company Details and then select the Edit button in the Company Settings tab.
    • Set Product Exemption Categories to Yes.


  1. In CertCapture, go to Settings > Company Settings > Product Exemptions.
  2. Select the Add Product Exemption Categories button

    a. Enter a category name that you want to add to the category list.

    b. Select or enter the applicable tax codes. When you enter tax codes, separate the codes by commas (example: ETF-9282,GOF-0017). Make sure there are no spaces between codes. 

    • If your CertCapture company is linked to your AvaTax company ID, select in the Tax Codes field to see the tax codes available for your company. Select one or multiple codes. Only tax codes that are mapped to an item code in your AvaTax company will appear, so make sure you have mapped your item codes to tax codes.
    • If your external APIs are linked to your AvaTax company ID, then enter Tax Codes here. 

                  Note: If the tax code does not exist in AvaTax, you must add a custom code in AvaTax and activate it before you can use it in CertCapture.

    • If you are not an AvaTax customer and you want to track your own tax codes, enter them here.
  3. Select Create Category.

Each tax code for the new category is added to the list.