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"An invalid value for Bucket was received" error in CertCapture

This article applies to:AvaTax

What this means

If you receive the error message "Error: an invalid value for Bucket was received" when you try to upload a certificate to CertCapture, learn how to resolve the error.

Why this happened

CertCapture allows you to assign users to different document validation buckets, to limit the documents that a user is able to validate. Users are able to validate documents only in the buckets to which they are assigned. The "an invalid value for Bucket was received" error message means that you aren't assigned to a document validation bucket. 

Things that might help

If you're an Admin user, assign yourself to a document validation bucket. If you aren't an Admin user, contact one of the Admin users for your account to request that they add you to a bucket.

  1. In CertCapture, go to Settings > Company Settings > Buckets.
    The Buckets page opens.
  2. Find the bucket to which you want to be assigned, then select Assign Users.
    The External bucket is the default bucket for all users, and is the only available option unless you have added custom buckets.
  3. Begin typing the username in the Users field, or select the field without typing to see a list of users, then select the user.
    Select the field again if you want to add more than one user.
  4. Select Link User Accounts when you're done.
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