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Validate documents in CertCapture

This article applies to:CertCapture

When adding a document to CertCapture, you'll need to enter some basic information about the document before it can be attached to an existing customer.

CertCapture does not automatically validate the legitimacy of exemption certificates or other compliance documents with the taxing jurisdiction. Contact your Account Manager if you're interested in a paid validation service.


  Before you begin

  1. Upload a document to CertCapture.
  2. Merge the document to adjust the formatting.


  1. View the documents available to you.
    1. In CertCapture, go to Manage Documents > Validate Documents.
    2. From Available Documents, select Available Documents or My Unfinished Documents.
      Documents Claimed by Others are the files being validated by other users on your account.
  2. Find a document with the stage Ready for Validation and select the file name to open a new validation window.
    Check multiple files if you want to validate them all in one session
  3. Enter the document details into the validation window.


    Use this table as a guide for each field available during validation.
  4. Select Validate to complete the process. The document is no longer in the Validate Documents queue. Use search to find it.
    • If you aren't ready to complete the validation, select Release to return the certificate to the Available Documents view where another user can validate it.
    • When you Release a document, the changes you made are not saved.

If you close the validation window without completing or releasing a document, CertCapture assigns it to you and saves it for later. Find it again under the My Unfinished Documents queue. 

If you're a Pre-Validation User, you won't see the Validate button and you'll need to  escalate documents so other members of your team can complete the validation.

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