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Navigate the CertExpress Landing Page

This content walks you through the CertExpress landing page. If your business works with vendors who ask for your exemption certificates, excise licenses, or federal withholding forms, CertExpress is for you. From the CertExpress landing page, you can 

Respond to a document request from a vendor

One of your vendors asked your company for an exemption certificate, excise license, or federal withholding form. You received an email request for your compliance document and would like to respond by submitting the requested document. Here's how.

Create and store a compliance document

You want to use CertExpress to create and store a compliance document. Here's how.

Create an account and log into CertExpress

You've decided to create a CertExpress account, so you can create and store all of your compliance documents and vendors. Here's how. Once you log in, learn how to manage your requests from vendors and compliance documents in CertExpress.

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