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Navigate CertExpress

This content walks you through CertExpress once you've created an account and are logged in.

Once logged into CertExpress, you can

  • Respond to a vendor request for your compliance document
  • Create and store your vendor list and compliance documents, so they're handy when you need them

Get to know the CertExpress dashboard

When you first log into CertExpress, you'll see the dashboard. This screen centralizes the features you find when you choose other toolbar items.

Manage vendor requests

If a vendor sent you a document request, copy the eight-digit code from your email and paste it in the Enter Request Code box on the CertExpress dashboard. Then create and submit your document.

Use the REQUESTS tab on the toolbar to see and manage all historical vendor requests.

Make a new document

Whether or not one of your vendors has requested a compliance document, you can complete and store your own compliance documents. Start to create a document in the Make a New Document box on the CertExpress dashboard, or click the DOCUMENTS tab on the toolbar.

Manage documents

To access and manage stored compliance documents click START in the Manage Documents box on the dashboard, or click the DOCUMENTS tab on the toolbar.

Manage vendors

CertExpress automatically logs vendors who've requested documents from you. Consider adding all of your suppliers to your CertExpress vendor list to keep their information in one central location.

To access and manage your vendor list click START in the Manage Vendors box on the dashboard, or click the VENDORS tab on the toolbar.

Manage your profile

Since you're logged into CertExpress, you should've completed your profile. If you haven't, CertExpress notifies you at the top of the dashboard. To see, manage, or complete your profile, follow the profile link on the dashboard or click the ACCOUNT tab on the toolbar. 

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