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Create a campaign to request documents from multiple customers

This article applies to:CertCapture

Create a campaign in CertCapture to request compliance documents from many customers at once via email, letter, or fax. Campaigns can only be created from a customer search.

Before you begin 

Make sure that you have added the states as shipping regions for the customers you want to include in the campaign. States that aren't added as a customer's shipping region are not included in campaigns.

Campaign titles can't be changed after creation.


The first step of any campaign is searching for the customers you want to message.

  1. In CertCapture, search for the customers that you'd like to include in your campaign.
  2. Select the Perform Action On Results drop-down and select New Campaign. 


    Tip icon

    If you don't see the New Campaign option, make sure you've selected a specific company from the drop-down menu below the CertCapture logo. The New Campaign option is not available if you're currently in a company grouping.

  3. Enter a Campaign Title, and then adjust your campaign settings.
    Use this table as a guide.
  4. Select Exempt Reasons.
  5. Select Prepare Exemption Certificate Campaign. 
  6. On the Round 1 tab, adjust the settings as needed.
    Use this table as a guide.
  7. Select Save Campaign Changes.
  8. From Select Customers, review the customers that will be included in the campaign.
    • Customers with checkmarks by their names are included in the campaign.
    • Uncheck a customer to remove them from the campaign round.
  9. From Preview, select Cover Letter Preview or Email Content to review the message that will be sent to recipients. 
  10. To add another round to your campaign and customize it, select the + next to the Round 1 tab, and then repeat steps 6 and 7. For example, create an email campaign for the first round, and then follow that with a mailing campaign several weeks later.
  11. Select Save Campaign Changes.
  12. To initiate your request campaign, select one of the following:
    • Print, and then select Create Printable File to create a printable file of the campaign documents.
    • Send Emails, and then select Send Certificate Requests to send the campaign email to the email address on file for each customer.
    • Send Faxes, and then select Send Certificate Requests to send the campaign letters using the fax number on file for each customer.

Return to the Campaign Overview tab when you want to:

  • Check your campaign status.
  • View campaign recipients and the exposures they are responsible for.
  • Add or remove customers from the campaign using the checkbox beside their name.
  • Export a .csv file with campaign information.
  • Close the campaign.
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