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Configure Your Company Hierarchy

This article applies to:Avalara CertCapture

This is the CertCapture Company Hierarchy:

The Company Hierarchy shows Company Groupings and Companies. The way you configure your Company Hierarchy impacts how you search for customers and compliance documents. 

  • Companies are CertCapture folders that organize your customers and compliance documents. Each compliance document you add to CertCapture is stored in one (and only one) Company. If your business has multiple divisions, geographic locations, subsidiaries, etc., consider creating a separate company for each in CertCapture. Create as many companies you want.

    These are all Companies from a sample Company Hierarchy:

  • Company Groupings are collections of Companies. Create a Company Grouping to aggregate information from several Companies when running reports. If your business has a simple structure, create at least one Company Grouping with at least one Company in CertCapture. If your business has a complex structure, create as many Companies and Company Groupings as you need to organize your customers and their compliance documents into meaningful folders.

    These are all Company Groupings from a sample Company Hierarchy:

Configure your Company Hierarchy

Note: Only Enterprise CertCapture users with an Admin user role can modify the company hierarchy.

Go to Account Settings > Account Details, and then click the Company Hierarchy tab.

  • To create a Company Grouping, click Add Company Grouping. Name it, and then click Add. You've created a Company Grouping. The Company Grouping doesn't do anything until you add at least one Company to it.
  • To create a Company, click Add Company. Enter details about the Company, and then click Add. You've created a Company. It doesn't belong to a Company Grouping yet. To add the Company to a grouping, drag and drop the Company name onto a Company Grouping. The Company name should be indented under the Company Grouping name, and there's an arrow to the left of the Company Grouping. Click the arrow to expand and collapse the list of Companies in the Company Grouping.
  • To see the impact of what you've done, refresh your browser, and click the Company Hierarchy drop-down. 

Use your Company Hierarchy

  1. Click the Company Hierarchy drop-down, and then select a Company to see a toolbar associated with that Company. To find customers or documents that are stored in the current Company, use this toolbar to run a search or report.
  2. Click the Company Hierarchy drop-down, and then select a Company Grouping to see a toolbar associated with that Company Grouping. To find customers or documents stored in all the Companies in the current Company Grouping, use this toolbar to run a search or report.