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Access Avalara CertCapture

This article applies to:Avalara CertCapture

Logging in to CertCapture is simple and secure. When you establish your account, you receive an email message that includes a link to create a password. For security, you must create a new password in CertCapture every six months.

Once you are logged into the system, learn about the dashboard features and understand the CertCapture interface.

Log in

Sign in to your CertCapture account.

  1. Go to CertCapture.
  2. In the User Name text box, type the email address that you used to establish your account.
  3. In the Password text box, type your password, and then click Log In.


Reset a lost password

Change your lost or forgotten password.

  1. If you can’t remember your password, click Lost Password?
  2. Type your log-in name and CertCapture will email you a temporary password.
  3. Log in at CertCapture.
  4. Change the temporary password to one that you want to use.

Unlock your account

If you fail to log in after three attempts, CertCapture will block you from logging in until your account is unlocked and you change your password. If this happens, reach out to your company's Account Admin to unlock your account. If you're the Admin and are locked out of your account, send an email message to to request that we unlock your account.

We'll send you an email message that says we reset your account. Then follow the instructions above in reset a lost password to log in.

Log out

For security, CertCapture will automatically log you out after 10 minutes if you take no action on the site. You can also log out any time by doing this:

  • At the upper right of any page, click Your User Name, and then click Logout.
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