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Utah Form Guide

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Exemption Certificate TC-721

Required fields:

  1. Name of purchaser, including street address, city and state.
  2. Signature of purchaser.
  3. Name of seller 
  4. At least one selection for reason with additional information needed also filled in.



  • Even though the form is 2 pages, only the first page is required to be presented.
  • Government agencies are exempt, but should complete form TC-721G
  • Tribal purchases are exempt if a tribal card is presented or delivered on tribal lands.
  • Exemptions are based on Utah code 59-12-104
  • Utah accepts the MTC form with no restrictions
  • Utah is not a full member of SST, but has adopted some of the laws. Utah will accept the SST form, as it provides the same information as their exemption certificate.
  • You can find these forms in the certificate library.
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