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Avalara CertCapture

Avalara CertCapture
CertCapture is a powerful management tool that creates, validates, stores, and manages sales tax exemption and reseller certificates and makes them available for easy retrieval. Learn how to manage your exemption certificates using Avalara CertCapture.


  • Get StartedGet Started Using Avalara CertCapture
    Set up CertCapture to manage your compliance documentation. Keep your customers' exemption certificates, excise documents, and federal withholding forms, safe and secure in the cloud.
  • WebinarAvalara Webinars
    Learn from subject matter experts to get the most out of CertCapture.
  • Release NotesAvalara CertCapture Release Notes
    Read the release notes to learn about the latest changes, improvements, and fixes to CertCapture. Review the history of form changes to see what forms have been added, removed, or updated within CertCapture’s form library.
  • CertExpressUse Avalara CertExpress to Collect Documents from Customers
    CertExpress is a tool for creating, storing, and sending compliance documents. From CertCapture, ask your customers to submit compliance documents online using CertExpress.

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