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Configure Item for UPC

For an item, you can choose to send the item code (default) or the UPC (Universal Product Code) from QuickBooks Desktop to AvaTax Update. If  the UPC is not available, the item code is sent to AvaTax Update. 

In order to customize taxability for specific products, tax codesHoverTT.png need to be mapped either to an item code or an UPC. Items not mapped to tax codes are treated as Tangible Personal Property (TPP) and therefore, are fully taxed during calculation. Avalara has additional options available to help with product taxability, including Avalara tax codes and UPC content.

  • If UPC content is not activated in AvaTax Update, then the UPC won't be considered even if it is enabled in the AvaTax Update configuration. 
  • Using this feature may cause additional fees. Talk to your Customer Account Manager (CAM) for more information.

Configure UPC

To send an UPC to AvaTax Update, you need to configure UPC in QuickBooks Desktop. To configure UPC, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to AvaTax Update for QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Go to QuickBooks Desktop > Lists > Item Lists and select the item.
    1. In the Item Details window, click Custom Fields
    2. In the Custom Field for Item window, click Define Fields.
    3. In the Setup Custom Fields for Items window, for a new custom field, type the Label and select What kind of Data option.
    4. In the Setup Custom Fields for Items window, Click Ok.
    5. In the Custom Field for Item window, click Ok.


  3. Go to File > AvaTax > Preferences Taxability > UPCs tab and select the item code you want to map in the UPC field.


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