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This Month's Return Filing

Webinar description

This webinar covers the basic elements of this month's return filing and explains where the data comes from, how vendor discounts and credits are applied, and Returns filing best practices.

Get ready

Before the webinar:

AAT-Get Started-Checkbox.pngActivate your AvaTax Update account

AAT-Get Started-Checkbox.png Review how to file

AAT-Get Started-Checkbox.png Review manage your returns filing

Webinar information

Audience:  New users of Returns who haven't filed yet or who have only been filing for a short time.

Objective: The goal of this webinar is to understand how to navigate this month's return filing, understand which transactions are reflected, understand the difference between the top line and return lines, and understand how our system handles vendor discounts and credits. 


  • Navigation
  • Review which transactions are included
  • Difference between return line and top line
  • Remittance to Tax Authority and Amount due to Avalara
  • Understanding Vendor Discounts & Carryover credits
  • Approving this month's return filing, fees, and the filing cycle

Post webinar resources

After attending this webinar, additional resources are available to you.

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