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Verify Your TrustFile Settings

Recent legislative changes around sales tax collection and remittance have been made, thus impacting requirements needed for filing sales tax returns. In order to ensure TrustFile is configured correctly to continue handling your returns filings, please verify the information in your TrustFile account.

To verify your information in TrustFile please complete the following steps:

  1. Review the information required in TrustFile to file your returns for each state by referring to our State Guides for TrustFile matrix and gather the appropriate information for the states in which you are registered. 
  2. Log into TrustFile and confirm the information in State settings for each state matches the information you have from the state. Check the following items are accurate:
    • Confirm that the Form, along with the frequency, selected in TrustFile matches what the state requires you to file. If the wrong form or frequency is selected, we will be unable to file your return.

    • If requested in the settings, confirm that the username and password that we have for the state DOR site is accurate. If we cannot log into your state DOR we will be unable to file your return.

    • If two-factor authentication is required by the state to login, ensure that you have updated the appropriate information with the state. Directions on how to do this can be found in the State Guides for TrustFile.

    • Ensure your state settings are completed in full by entering any additional information that may be blank for the specific state.  

NOTE: If you have auto-fill turned on in your browser it may override what you enter for your tax ID and username and password for all of the states so it is recommended to turn off auto-fill if you are seeing the username and password for a state not updating.

NOTE: Please pay special attention to the state of Colorado. Colorado recently changed how they are requiring retailers to report sales made to local jurisdictions. Colorado now requires multiple location registration and reporting, which TrustFile does not support. If you file returns in Colorado, please reach out to your Avalara Account Manager to review what options may be available to you.

What's Next

Once you have verified your settings within TrustFile your returns should be filed without any issue by our returns team moving forward. If during your verification you found that the form you are registered to file is not available within TrustFile please reach out to your Avalara Account Manager to review what options may be available to you.

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