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How to Handle Unincorporated Addresses in SalesTax II?


I have an address which is unincorporated in SalesTaxII. 




There are two ways that SalesTax II can deal with an unincorporated situation.

NOTE:These instructions apply to version v5.5 and above.



Option 1:

If you are able to identify an address as being in an unincorporated area from your ERP system, you can use this information in your connector to have SalesTaxII charge the correct tax rate.


On the call to TCALC, if the address is marked as outside the city limits, then you should set the Unincorporated Flag to ‘Y’. This will return the correct rate.


Here is the actual field to set: PUNINC – Unincorporated Flag (1 Alpha) This is an optional parameter that identifies to SalestaxII that it should process the incoming transaction as an unincorporated transaction. This requires a minor change to your connector but it will work for all unincorporated addresses that you identify in your ERP. This is the method recommended by Avalara.


Option 2:

You can "hard code" the 9 digit zip code associated with the address to be identified as in an unincorporated area using Maintenance menu option 3. Zip Code Cross Ref Maintenance.


  1. Perform a tax rate inquiry using the State and Zip+4. Make a note of the County and City location codes.
  2. In Zip Code Cross ref maintenance enter the Zip+4 in the From and To zip fields, enter the state and the county and city location codes that you previously noted. Hit <Enter>.
  3. At the next screen set the Unincorporated indicator to ‘U’. Hit <Enter> to update and you’re done. Try a tax rate test and it should return the reduced rate.





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