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Manage your account

Returns for Accountants provides you different options to manage your account. To view these options, select Hello, username on the top-right corner of the page.

The following table describes these options:

User option Description
Change Password Use this option to change your account's password.
User Preferences Use this option to customize your page view. For details, see Customize your page view.
Support Cases Use this option to submit a support case. When you select this option, a support form appears in which you can specify the issue details.
Downloads Use this option to view the details of all the downloads you have made through your account. When you select this option, a tabular summary appears in which you can view the download details, such as the name and the link of the downloaded file, the download request type, download status, and date.
Import History Use this option to view the summary of all the imports you made in your account.
Sign Out Use this option to sign out from your account.


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