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Using overrides in AvaTax for Communications

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In general, rates and rules are independent of each other. When you make a rule change, you update the rules associated with the T/S type for that tax type. When you edit or delete the active rate or rate override, it is independent from the rules. A tax type must have both a rate and a rule, and cannot be calculated without both, because taxes have to be mapped to a T/S type. 

When you cannot identify an exact match between a T/S type and a tax type, Avalara maps the tax type to what seems to be the closest T/S type. You can then create an override so that the rate matches what you are charged in a particular tax authority.

You create overrides by first defining a tax authority. The tax types associated with that tax authority are broken down by tax level. As you view a tax level, you can see the tax types that exist at that tax level within each tax authority. You can view by tax rates or tax rules, each tab is organized by tax type. The rules associated with each tax type can be filtered by transaction type, refining the results you need to view.


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Avalara recommends testing all customizations in your sandbox account before you add them to your production account. After you add customizations to your production account, run test transactions or use the tax determination calculator to make sure you receive the expected results before you complete any bill runs.
  1. Add an override group.
    Organize tax rate overrides and tax rule overrides into groups.  
  2. Add a rate override.
    Override a tax rate in the selected override group. 
  3. Add a rule override.
    Override a tax rule for one specific tax type in one specific tax authority. 
  4. Add a tax type.
    Specify the rate and rules to apply to the tax type, and the T/S types to include. 
  5. Shut off a tax rule.
    Need to update this.

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