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Use the Form Viewer to Get Returns Ready to File

This article applies to:Avalara Returns for Accountants

Use the form viewer to fix problems and make non-standard return adjustments, such as deduction breakouts, to get the returns ready to file each month. Either correct the forms before sending them to the client for approval, or have the client approve the Liability Summary and then correct the forms to match what they approved.

  1. Look for returns in the Returns list that have a validation problem or need to be adjusted
    • Returns that may require changes have a status of Pending Approval, Ready for Prep, or Rejected
    • If a return's status is Rejected, this means that the taxing authority didn't accept the return with the submitted numbers. This could happen when there are negatives on a form that doesn't allow negatives.
  2. Click the form name to open a return in the form viewer
  3. Correct the info on the form
  4. Click Save

Some validation problems are ok. If the info in the form viewer is correct even though it doesn't match the data, mark the return as valid in the Returns list and add the reason for the difference. This might happen if there are transactions that you can't enter into the system or if tax wasn't charged on small single items (such as candy bars), but the client wants to pay tax on the total sales of those items.

Edit the Form

  • The company information on the form such as the name, address, and registration ID comes from the filing calendar. The numbers on the form come from the transactions.
  • Edit the blue fields to correct the info on the form
    • If you absolutely need to change one of the grey fields, click Edit All. This isn't recommended since the math on the form gets messed up if you change one of the grey fields. 

Work with the Form

  • Use the small numbered buttons at the top of forms that have multiple pages to move from page to page without having to scroll
  • Click Back to return to the Returns list page
  • Select Side Pane to see where you've changed things on the form under Overrides. The Validations section of the side pane isn't used yet. Right now, you look on the form to see where there are problems.
  • Go to More Actions (gear button) if you want to download a PDF version of the form
  • The Discount button lets you to turn off discounts so they don't show up on forms that allow discounts. You might do this if the client is in bad standing and shouldn't have a discount.
  • The form recalculates each time you change an amount on the form. If you're editing a long form and changing complex fields, you may want to select Autocalc Off instead of Autocalc Full, and then click the Play button to recalculate the form after you make your changes.

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