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Tour the Returns for Accountants Filing Calendars page

The Filing Calendars page is the default view. The table can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet. Sub-pages include Locations, Nexus Edit, and Nexus Lookup. 

On this page, you can do the following:

  • View a table of current approved filing requests and pending filing requests, as well as create new filing requests.
  • Use the Filters pane to identify the companies you want to work with. Hide or reveal this view by selecting the arrow icon to the right of the pane.

  • The filing requests associated with the filter selections are displayed in the table located to the right of the Filters pane.

    • For each row, in the first column, select the arrow icon to display a window with three tabs: Detail, Custom Filing Questions and Attachments.

    • Filing Calendar Detail provides a snapshot of the pertinent e-file and registration information required for filing the return.

    • Custom Filing Questions corresponds to the answers provided to the filing request questions when the filing request was initially created.

    • Attachments displays the filing power of attorney on file required by some jurisdictions for communicating with taxing authorities on behalf of a client. Attachments can be uploaded by selecting clipboard_edefeb6be31b99ed75233d7d245538d84.png to the right of the arrow icon. Select Edit > Next > Include Power of Attorney checkbox > Next > Enter the expiration date > Browse Instead to attach document > Next > Save. Select the arrow icon again to hide the window.

  • The filing table under the Filing Calendar tab provides a filing calendar view and a filing request view.


  • The Filing Calendar view displays the filing calendars that have been established and are either in an active or expired status. The Filing Request view displays pending filing calendars. Selecting the plus sign will allow the user to add a new filing request. The two icons above the grid (top right) will allow for the filtered returns to be downloaded in Excel format and the entire grid to be refreshed. 


View current and add new company locations. For more details, see Add company locations.

Nexus Edit

View and update the settings for where a client collects taxes for State and Local jurisdictions for a company; for more details, see Update nexus settings.

Nexus Lookup

View jurisdictions and where a client collects taxes (nexus) settings. Use the Filters pane to enter criteria. Results of the query are displayed in the table.

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