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Handle filing request transaction issues

When created, by default a filing request is given a start date of the creation date with no end date. You can edit this start date when you create the filing request, which may be necessary in cases where your firm adds a company later in the year and the return frequency is annually or quarterly. You can then change the start date to, for example, 1 January 2020, so the transactions from earlier in the year can be included. Only those transactions dated on or after the start date of the filing request are assigned to the filing request. Any previous transactions are ignored.

To deal with transactions prior to the filing request start date, your firm can submit a backfiling request to the Avalara Professional Services team or handle the issue internally. For quarterly returns, if a company is set up mid-quarter, your firm is responsible for making sure the transactions are included.

For example, if the company was set up in March and was required to submit a quarterly return, you would have to make sure January and February transactions were included if you want to file accurate quarterly returns. The filing request would no longer start in March but would start in January. Annual returns (for States like Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Michigan) would be dealt with in a similar way with a filing request start date of 1 January 2020. Any missing data to cover those dates would also need to be imported.

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