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Check AvaTax usage

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Your account page provides an in-depth data dashboard for understanding your AvaTax usage. For each Avalara connector you use, these data visualizations show usage by activity type and across your subscription term, helping you better understand how your AvaTax implementation affects your bill. 


  1. Sign in to Avalara.
  2. Select Account > Products and Usage. 
  3. Find AvaTax and select Details. 

AvaTax usage details

The AvaTax usage detail page is divided into several sections:

Plan details

This includes information on transactions (your plan total, how many you've used, and how many are available), term length, and alerts about usage or overage.

Usage overview

A high-level summary of your usage for the current year. This section also includes brief definitions of the two fundamental components of AvaTax usage, documents and API calls. 

Connector activity

A pie chart that divides usage by type. Select the connector whose usage activity you want to view, as well as the start and end dates.

Depending on your AvaTax setup, you could see any of the following:

  • Domestic documents: Transactions with tax calculation where the ship-to and ship-from addresses are in the same country.
  • Cross-border documents: Transactions with tax calculation where the ship-to and ship-from addresses are in different countries. Each cross-border transaction equates to 1.15 domestic transactions.
  • Customs documents: Cross-border transactions that also have calculation for customs duties and import tax. Because of the extra calculation involved, each customs transaction equates to 1.75 domestic transactions.
  • Line items: The total number of lines items, divided by 35, from days where document lines contributed to billable usage. This type of usage activity is relatively uncommon.
  • API calls: Total calls to the Avalara tax calculation API, divided by 10, from days where API calls contributed to billable usage.
  • Address validations: Total calls to the Avalara address validation API, divided by 10. Address validations specific to calculating tax don't count toward this total.
When AvaTax is missing information about the connector or data source, the AvaTax usage system lists its transactions under "Other connectors". This occurs with transactions that were imported manually or edited in bulk

Usage over time

A bar chart that divides usage by type, by week across your current subscription term. Select a bar to see a breakdown of usage activity for that week. Weeks start and end based on the day you started your subscription—for example, if you started your subscription on a Tuesday, each week on the chart spans Tuesday to Monday. 

Daily totals

A table that displays your daily usage for documents, document lines, and API calls across all connectors. Each day, the component with the highest usage amount is added to your total usage. You can filter this table by date and adjust how many days are displayed. 

For the most detailed information about how your usage is calculated, see the AvaTax terms and conditions

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