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Change your Avalara products or services

Your business needs can change over time, either as your business itself changes or as the accounting software you use changes. When your business needs change, or as you better understand what Avalara can do for you, you might also want to make changes to your products or services. 

Product or service to change More information Who to contact
Purchase or extend a development account Avalara provides a development account, also called a test account or sandbox environment, to all customers who've purchased our Sales Tax API integration for development and implementation of a customized AvaTax solution. To extend this account beyond the original expiration date or purchase a new development account, contact your Account Manager.
Add or change an Avalara product or service

Some changes or additions you can make include but aren't limited to:

  • Adding the ability to calculate tax outside of the US and Canada (global)
  • Increasing your transaction or return count
  • Having us start filing your returns
  • Changing your AvaTax integration software
  • Having us store your certificate images
  • Having us register your business to collect tax in a new state
To make changes or additions to the services you have from Avalara, contact your Account Manager. They can assist you with changing your current service or adding new services.
Downgrade an Avalara product or service

The terms and conditions you accept when you activate your Avalara service account include Avalara service subscription plan information. Review the terms.

You must notify Avalara of a reduction request at least 30 days prior to your service renewal date, and the reduction will be effective at the start of your renewal term. 

To reduce the volume of a service subscription plan, contact your Account Manager. Be sure to include:

  • Your company name
  • The service you wish to downgrade
Cancel an Avalara product or service

The terms and conditions you accept when you complete your order include the terms for cancelling an Avalara product or service. Review the terms.

  • Cancelling New Orders - If we receive your notice of cancellation within 60 days of the date you signed your contract, Avalara will cancel your service and refund your service fees.
  • Cancelling Renewals - If we receive your notice of cancellation prior to your scheduled renewal date, Avalara will cancel your service renewal.
  • Final Invoice - If we receive your notice of cancellation prior to your contract end date, Avalara will send you a final invoice for the remainder of your contract obligation, as specified in your order's terms and conditions.
  • To cancel your Avalara product or service subscription, email You'll receive an email with instructions for completing an online cancellation form. The online form collects the information we need to process your request for the specific products or services you're cancelling. It only takes a few moments to complete. If you fail to complete the survey, there may be processing delays. 
  • If you purchased your Avalara product through a partner (e.g. Sage, Epicor, Intaact), review your contract with the appropriate partner for details of their cancellation and refund policies. Some partners have different contracts that may supersede Avalara's policies.
Cancel Managed Returns Before you cancel your Managed Returns service, make sure you have all the information you need to file returns on your own in the future. You'll also want to make sure that returns Avalara has filed don't need any further input from you. Visit Managed Returns Cancellation for steps to: Contact your Account Manager.
Purchase a business application integtration AvaTax integrations connect AvaTax to your business application, such as an ERP, CRM, e-commerce, or mobile payment application.  Contact your Account Manager.
End Streamline Sales Tax (SST) program   To have Avalara assist you in cancelling SST registration (free of charge), email
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