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Change or cancel Avalara products and services

Your business needs can change over time, either as your business itself changes or as the accounting software you use changes. When your business needs change, or as you better understand what Avalara can do for you, you might also want to make changes to your products or services. 

Change your subscription for an Avalara product or service

Contact your Account Manager to request changes to an existing product or service subscription. They can help you: 

  • Add the ability to calculate tax outside of the US and Canada
  • Increase your transaction or return count
  • Have Avalara file your returns
  • Change your AvaTax integration software
  • Store certificate images in AvaTax
  • Register your business to collect tax in a new state
  • Purchase a business application integration
  • Purchase or extend a development account
  • Extend a test or sandbox environment
  • Add or remove states/forms for Excise

Downgrade an Avalara product or service

To reduce the volume of a service subscription plan, contact your Account Manager. Be sure to specify your company name and the service that you wish to downgrade.

You must notify Avalara of a reduction request at least 30 days prior to your service renewal date. The reduction will be effective at the start of your renewal term. Service subscription plan information can be found in the terms and conditions accepted at the time of account activation.

Cancel an Avalara product or service

To cancel all or part of your Avalara product or service subscription, fill out the Cancellation Request Form. This form must be completed to submit your cancellation request.

Note: Please provide as complete of answers as possible on the form to ensure your cancellation request is processed properly.

All cancellations are bound by Avalara's terms and conditions.

Cancellation requests made beyond 60 days of purchase, will not be finalized until the end of your service term, and any invoices you receive between the time of cancellation request and the end of your term are still due. Once the cancellation has been finalized, you will receive a confirmation email as well as a final invoice.

If you have any questions regarding your service terms, contact your Account Manager for assistance.

Cancel products or services purchased through an Avalara partner

If you purchased your Avalara product through a partner (e.g. Sage, Epicor, Intaact), review your contract with the appropriate partner for details of their cancelation and refund policies. Some partners have different contracts that may supersede Avalara's policies.

Cancel Managed Returns

Before canceling your Managed Returns service, make sure that you have everything you need to file returns on your own in the future. Before canceling:

If you'd like to cancel Managed Returns, select Returns from the Product Category on the Cancellation Request Form and Managed Returns from the Product Selection list. 

  • Note: On the Cancellation Request Form you will be required to provide your final filing month. Provide this on the form, but it is also recommended that you set your returns to stop filing by editing your scheduled returns to ensure nothing is filed beyond the dates you wish for Avalara to cease filing.

Cancel Excise

For complete cancellation of your Excise products complete the Cancellation Request Form, select "Cancel my complete Avalara account" and select Excise from the Product Categories section to proceed through the cancellation request.

For removal of individual jurisdictions/forms, contact your Account Manager to have that request processed.

End Streamline Sales Tax (SST) program enrollment

To cancel all SST services, select Returns from the Product Category on the Cancellation Request Form and SST Returns from the Product Selection list. Answer all questions to have the cancellation processed effectively. 

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