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Manage Avalara products and services

This article applies to:AvaTax

The Avalara account overview page integrates your products, your bill, and your usage data. Sign in to your account to:

  • Access a full list of your Avalara products, services, and subscriptions. 
  • See your next bill and your billing history.
  • Get the latest usage data for AvaTax and other products.
  • See notifications about billing and usage.
  • Change important settings like your billing contact or default payment method.

To go to the account overview page, sign in to Avalara and select Account > Products and usage. 

Products and services

The account overview page displays your products, services, and subscriptions:

Change Avalara products or services
Customer success plans


Some Avalara products have data dashboards for understanding your billable usage. To view your usage data, select Details in the product tile: 

Check AvaTax usage
Check returns usage


In addition to your current balance, your account page has tools for managing billing and payments:

Add a payment method
Change default payment method
Change billing contact information
Set up AutoPay
View billing history


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