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Manage Vermont Notices

This article applies to:Returns Central

Get the info you need to manage notices for Vermont, including submitting a power of attorney and understanding common issues.

Power of Attorney

Vermont requires a Power of Attorney (POA) for Avalara to resolve notices for you.

To submit a POA:

  1. Obtain and complete a Vermont Power of Attorney form
  2. Send the completed POA form to the Vermont Department of Taxes
  3. Send the completed POA form and notice to us by submitting a case. Processing takes about 6 - 8 weeks.

After we have a POA on file, you don't have to submit another one unless something has changed.

Common Issues

  • Research Vermont notice issues using the website, the notice, and the confirmation PDFs in AvaTax
  • See Manage Tax Notices for additional details about resolving notice issues


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