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Set Up Massachusetts Returns

This article applies to:Returns Central

Tell Us Where You Collect Tax

Add Massachusetts to the places where you collect tax. This tells AvaTax to calculate tax on Massachusetts transactions. See the Massachusetts Department of Revenue website for details about nexus, registration, and taxes in Massachusetts.

Before you add Massachusetts, there are two things you need to do:

You don't have to select a tax type for Massachusetts.

"Sourcing" determines the location where a sale is taxed. Massachusetts is a destination-sourced state.

Add Your Company Locations

Massachusetts doesn't require location reporting on the returns. Add any physical locations you have in Massachusetts to enhance your company setup and track sales by location.

Schedule Your Returns

  • Select form MA ST-9 to report all tax types if you're registered to collect sales and use tax in Massachusetts
    • Enter your state-assigned registration ID as it appears on your registration information. It's a three-letter prefix followed by an eight-digit number with a three-digit suffix. Example: SLS-12345678-910
  • Select form MA Monthly PrePayment form if you're required to make monthly prepayments
    • Massachusetts taxpayers that collected and remitted more than $150,000 in sales taxes or in-room occupancy and meals taxes are required to make monthly prepayments. Refer to the MA DoR website for more information on due dates for prepayments and other filing requirements.
    • On the 1st of each month, Avalara will build an estimated value based on 80% of the prior month’s transactional data.
  • Select form MA ST-10 to pay consumer's use tax on purchases if you're not registered to collect sales and use tax in Massachusetts, and you make occasional out-of-state purchases for business or personal use.
    • In order for us to access your Massachusetts UBI Excise Account for filing we’ll need you to grant third-party access to our filing login.
    • For detailed instructions on this process, please see Add Avalara to your MA state DOR account.
    • Once you have correctly granted third-party access, please enter ‘YES’ into this field to continue.

Add Avalara to your MA state DOR account

  1. As an administrator, login to your MA account at
  2. Select Manage My Profile.
  3. Select More.
  4. Under Third Party Access, select Assign Access Rights to a Third Party.
  5. In the textbox provided, type Avalara and select the AVALARA INC. option.
  6. Against the account ID, select Sales Tax and select the File and Pay access rights.
  7. Verify the information for third-party access and select Submit.
  8. Select OK to complete the confirmation.

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