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Manage Illinois Notices

This article applies to:Returns Central

Get the info you need to manage notices for Illinois, including submitting a power of attorney and understanding common issues.

Power of Attorney

Illinois requires a Power of Attorney (POA) for Avalara to resolve notices for you.

To submit a POA:

  1. Obtain and complete a Illinois IL-2848 Power of Attorney form
  2. Email the completed POA form to, or fax it to 217-524-9001.  Processing typically takes 1-2 business days.
  3. Send the completed POA form and notice to us by submitting a case. Processing takes about 6 - 8 weeks.

After we have a POA on file, you don't have to submit another one unless something has changed.

Common Issues

These are the most common notice issues to resolve for Illinois. See Manage Tax Notices for additional details about resolving notice issues.

Issue Action

Collecting tax using a rate that doesn't match the way you're registered

Illinois state tax collection is based on origin and destination. If you have sales that originate in state, check to see if you're registered for physical or nonphysical location reporting. A common reason your Illinois return is filed inaccurately is when you're registered for a physical location, but collecting at the nonphysical location rate or vice versa.

Quarter-monthly prepayments

Avalara doesn't handle these. You must handle them in-house and report the prepayments in AvaTax

Complete the IL-8633B Form for Electronic Signature The Illinois Department of Revenue (IL DOR) requires that the IL-8633B Form be completed. Illinois requires electronic signatures in order to acknowledge the tax return as valid. If this form is not completed, the IL DOR will send non-signature notices resulting in a $250 penalty.


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