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Manage Arizona Notices

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Get the info you need to manage notices for Arizona, including submitting a power of attorney and understanding common issues.

Power of Attorney

Arizona requires a Power of Attorney (POA) for Avalara to resolve notices for you. 

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If you've already sent a tax notice to Avalara, we'll send you POA form that has Avalara's information pre-filled.

To submit a POA:

  1. Download the Arizona Form 285 General Disclosure/Representation Authorization form.
  2. Complete the form. Pay close attention to these sections:
    • Section 1 - Taxpayer information:
      • Taxpayer name: Enter the business name. This should match the business name on your TPT license.
      • Present address: Enter your current primary business address.
      • AZ Transaction Privilege Tax No.: Enter the license number from your TPT license.
    • Section 2 - Appointee information: This is the name and information of the Avalara employee that will handle your tax notices. 
    • Section 3 - Tax matters: Select Transaction Privilege and Use Tax, then enter a date range in the Year(s) or Period(s) section.
      Make sure the date range includes the filing period for which you received the tax notice.
    • Section 4 - Additional authorization: Select an option in this section. Options 4g and 4h generally provide Avalara with enough access to help resolve tax notices on your behalf. If you select 4h, enter a description of the access you're authorizing.
    • Section 5 - Power of Attorney: Select the checkbox, then enter any limitations to the power of attorney.
    • Section 8 - Signature of or for taxpayer: Enter your signature, printed name, title, and the current date.
    • Section 9: Avalara completes this section.
  3. Submit a support case to confirm the information for section 2, and to have Avalara complete section 9.
  4. Once you have received the power of attorney form with Avalara's information, send the completed POA form to the Arizona Department of Revenue using one of these options:
    • Email the form to
    • Fax the form to 602-716-6008
  5. Send the completed POA form and notice to us by submitting a case. Processing takes about 6 - 8 weeks.

After we have a POA on file, you don't have to submit another one unless something has changed.

Common Issues

These are the most common notice issues to resolve for Arizona. See Manage Tax Notices for additional details about resolving notice issues.

Issue Action
License fees owed to the state

Make sure all licenses are up to date and the fees are paid on time.

Business codes with incorrect deduction codes and rates Business codes must match based on the jurisdictions on the transactions. Make sure you use the right deduction code per business code per county. See the Arizona Department of Revenue website for lists of deduction codes and more details.
Electronic filing credentials are needed or have changed Edit your scheduled returns to add or update your electronic filing credentials.
Filing frequency changed Arizona often changes the filing frequency. Pay close attention to information received from the Department of Revenue. Send notification of filing frequency changes to us by submitting a case immediately. Edit your scheduled returns to change the filing frequency.


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