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Set Up Alaska Returns

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Tell Us Where You Collect Tax 

Add Alaska to the places where you collect tax (make sure you have nexus in Alaska. In some states, you may have economic nexus if you're a remote seller) This tells AvaTax to calculate tax on Alaska transactions. See the Alaska Department of Commerce website and the Alaska Remote Seller Sales Tax Commission website for details about nexus, registration, and taxes in Alaska.

Alaska doesn't have a state sales tax, but it has local jurisdictions that collect tax. Make sure to include local jurisdictions when setting up Alaska for tax calculation.

You do not have to select a tax type for Alaska.

"Sourcing" determines the location where a sale is taxed. Alaska is a destination-sourced state.

Add Your Company Locations 

Add any physical locations you have in Alaska to enhance your company setup and track sales by location.

If you have a physical location in Alaska, you may be required to file Alaska local returns in addition to the Alaska Remote Seller return. If so, create a support case so we can make sure that you are set up correctly.

Schedule Your Returns

If you have a registered physical location in a jurisdiction that has adopted the Alaska Remote Sellers Tax Commission Code, you will need to set up the associated local return either in addition to or instead of the AK RSR return. For instructions on the registration process, please view the Tax Commission walk through guide



  • Statewide annual gross sales of at least $100,000
  • 200 individual annual transactions

After you tell us where you collect tax and add locations, you're ready to schedule returns.

  • Select form AK RSR if you are registered and file remote sales for Alaska local jurisdictions who have adopted the Alaska Remote Sellers Tax Commission Code.
    • This return must be filed electronically, so make sure you are registered for and provide Avalara with accurate MUNIRevs information.
    • If you have a registered location in a jurisdiction that has adopted the Alaska Remote Sellers Tax Commission Code, you will need to set up the associated local return to file those taxes.
      • This location will need to be added into AvaTax and used on the transactions that should be reported to your registered location's return.
      • After you have created the local return, create a case with our Support team to have the location code applied to it. This will help allocate the location-based transaction to the applicable return for filings.
      • You may still be subject to filing the AK RSR for other jurisdictions that require the reporting of remote sales within Alaska. If you are not sure if you need to file the AK RSR in addition to your local return, please contact the Commission directly.
    • If you do not have a registered location in a jurisdiction that has adopted the Alaska Remote Sellers Tax Commission Code, you do not need to set up the associated local returns.
    • NOTE: This form does not report any state-level sales as there is no sales tax reporting requirement for the state of Alaska.
  • Select an Alaska local jurisdiction form that has not adopted the Alaska Remote Sellers Tax Commission Code if you registered to remit the applicable local taxes.
    • More jurisdictions are adopting the code every month, so it is best to check the list provided by the jurisdiction before setting up a new return to be filed by Avalara.
    • Most Alaska local returns are mailed to the local governments rather than filed electronically and may not require efile credentials.

If you are an existing AK Locality filer and you meet the criteria listed above, you should expire your existing returns for the applicable jurisdictions. For local jurisdictions that should be reported on the new form, you should expire the filing calendars. Alaska is also a selective nexus state.

Make sure the registration information and filing frequencies for each return are consistent with the registration and frequency required by the jurisdiction.


Set up returns for another region

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