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Set Up Quebec Returns

This article applies to:Returns Central

Tell Us Where You Collect Tax

Add Quebec to the places where you collect tax. This tells AvaTax to calculate tax on Quebec transactions. See the Revenu Quebec website for details about nexus, registration, and taxes in Quebec.

  • Register online via the Revenu Quebec website. You can also register by phone or by mail.
    • You must apply for registration under the QST system before you make your first taxable sale in Québec unless you're a small supplier. You must collect the QST as of the date you register or are required to be registered.
    • You must apply for registration under the GST system before the 30th day following the day on which you make your first taxable sale in Canada unless you're a small supplier. You must collect the GST as of the date you register or are required to be registered.
    • Registration for the GST and QST are separate. If you've already registered for the GST, you don't have to do it again when you register the Quebec location.
    • If you're not located in Quebec, you're required to register if you're located in Canada and sell goods that are delivered to Quebec
  • See the Revenu Quebec GST/HST and QST website for more information about these taxes

You don't have to select a tax type for Quebec.

Add Your Company Locations

Quebec doesn't require location reporting on the sales tax returns. Add any physical locations you have in Quebec to enhance your company setup and track sales by location.

Schedule Your Returns

After you tell us where you collect tax and add locations, you're ready to schedule returns. Go to Returns in AvaTax to provide a funding power of attorney and schedule your returns

Your company name and taxpayer ID from Your Company Details show up on your returns. Make sure they match what’s on your registration information.

Use this info to schedule your returns. Keep in mind that the selections you made when you told us where you collect tax, any location codes you entered, and the forms you select are related and should tie together.

  • Select the form CA Quebec Detailed if Quebec is the only Canadian province where you're registered to collect sales taxes. This return reports both GST and QST.
  • Select form CA Quebec if you're registered to collect sales taxes in Quebec and other Canadian provinces. This return just reports QST. You should also select the CA GST/HST form to report GST.
  • Provide input tax credit (ITC) amounts before each filing. Input tax credits are given to businesses to recover taxes paid on purchases related to business activity. The Canada Revenue Agency has more information about input tax credits, including how to determine if you're eligible for them and what records and receipts you need to use to support your claim.
    • To add input tax credits, send in the amount of your credits by submitting a case before the 8th of the month. If Avalara files for multiple companies on your behalf, let us know which company is claiming each credit.
  • You must pay quarterly installments if the GST/QST return is filed on an annual basis and you collect a net tax amount of $3000 or more for a fiscal year. If you pay quarterly installments, be sure to submit a case with the quarterly installment payment amounts.
  • Enter a username and password for Quebec's TAXcess website when you schedule the return if you want it to be filed electronically
    • In some cases, you're required to file electronically. See the Revenu Quebec website for details.
  • Canadian returns must be funded and remitted in Canadian dollars (CAD).
    • If you don't agree to fund and report in CAD, Avalara offers Signature Ready returns where we prep the returns and you're responsible for filing and paying. You can also file in house if you don't want to do either of these options.

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