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Set up two-factor authentication in Avalara Returns

Two-factor authentication adds a second level of authentication to an account login. For details, see Understand two-factor authentication.

Before you begin

For the list of states that require two-factor authentication, see States that support two-factor authentication.


To file returns in some states, you need to set up two-factor authentication on the state's DOR website. To set up two-factor authentication so that Avalara can file in these states for you, follow these steps.

Task 1

While setting up a return or updating a return's settings in Avalara, do the following:

  1. Enter your state DOR e-file login information, username and password.
  2. Test the login.

Task 2

To file returns on your behalf, Avalara needs to access to the two-factor authentication emails sent from the state’s DOR website. To enable this, do the following:

  1. Login to the DOR website for the state.
  2. Under your profile settings on the DOR website, change the two-factor authentication email to the one shown on the Avalara's Returns settings page.
    Note: Some states do not use a separate email for authentication and only use the main account email to send authentication codes. If this is the case, update the account email to the email provided by Avalara.
  3. Once you have updated the authentication email on the state's DOR website, return to the Avalara's Returns settings page and select the I’ve logged in and changed the email address check box .
  4. Click Save to save your return settings.

Task 3

On the Avalara's Returns settings page, provide one email address per company to send you a copy of the two-factor authentication email. This email address, when added or changed in your return settings, will be saved for all the states that use two-factor authentication in e-filing. Moving forward, any email sent to the email will be forwarded to this email address as well.

Note: If you do not receive an email that you are expecting from a DOR, check your JUNK folder, as depending on your email settings the emails may be filtered there.

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