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Set up Returns for Small Business

This article applies to:Avalara Returns

We can prepare and file tax returns on your behalf with Returns for Small Business. If you don't have Returns for Small Business and are interested in learning more, contact your Account Manager for more details.

If you have AvaTax, see Set up Returns for Small Business with AvaTax to learn how to set up Returns for Small Business with information from your AvaTax account.

If you don't have AvaTax and you're using Returns for Small Business by itself to file your returns, follow these instructions.

Before you begin

Gather the information you need to set up Returns for Small Business without AvaTax.


  1. Create a basic company profile.
    Start by telling us a little about your company. 
  2. Connect your business application to Returns for Small Business.
    Import transactions from your other business applications so we know how much tax you need to pay on your returns.
  3. Schedule your returns.
    Tell us what returns to file for you in each jurisdiction where you collect and pay tax.
  4. Link your bank account.
    Give us the banking information for the account that you want to pay your tax returns.