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Schedule returns for new locations in Managed Returns

This article applies to:Avalara Returns

When you add a location to collect and calculate tax to AvaTax you also need to schedule your returns for that new location in Managed Returns. Update where you file returns when your business grows and changes to keep your business compliant. For details, see Understand location-based returns filing.

Before you begin

Make sure you're registered and filing everywhere you collect taxes. If you're filing in jurisdictions that require location-based filing, make sure you have company locations set up in AvaTax, and make sure location codes are being included on transactions from those locations.


Collecting tax without being registered can lead to serious legal consequences. And, being registered but not collecting or filing can lead to late fees, interest, or penalties. If you need help with either of these scenarios, talk to your tax professional and contact us to see how we can help.


  1. Go to Returns > Approve returns.
  2. Select the Regions needing attention tab. This tab lists the locations where you're collecting taxes but not filing.
  3. Find the location where you want to schedule and select Add a return next to that location.
  4. Select a region from the drop-down list.The forms for that region are displayed.
    Alternatively, enter the search criteria, such as form name, tax authority, or jurisdiction to display the forms matching the search text.
  5. Find the form or forms you need to file. For each form, select Set up this return.
    If you don't know which form to choose:
    • Review your past returns and any documents you've received from regional tax authorities.
    • Visit Returns Central, which breaks down forms and filing requirements for every state.
  6. Fill out each form.
  7. Select Save to save the form.

The Avalara Managed Services team will review the forms for accuracy and completeness. You can make changes to the forms at any time during the review process. After we finish our review, you'll need to reconcile and file your returns.  

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