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Request an amendment for additional tax due

This article applies to:Avalara Returns

If you are requesting an amendment to report additional tax due, you must commit the new sales invoices dated in the period in question. We cannot start processing an amendment unless the invoices are committed in AvaTax.

Once the invoices are in AvaTax, you can request the amendment by opening a support case in your AvaTax account. We will confirm the additional tax due and provide funding options at that time. 

Funding the payment

To file the amendment, you need to fund the additional tax due via:

  • a wire transfer; or
  • an ACH debit from your bank account (if you have an active Power of Attorney on file with us).

If wiring, let your Account Manager know and they will confirm that the treasury team received the funds to file the return with payment. Processing the payments via ACH debit may add up to two weeks to the amendment process (compared to a same day wire transfer).

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