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Reconcile returns with your general ledger

This article applies to:Avalara Returns

Before you approve and file your returns, make sure they match what's in your general ledger.

Before you begin

Your returns need to be set up and then approved by Avalara.


  1. Open your business application that connects to Avalara.
  2. Run reports that work for the types of returns you're filing. If you're not sure which reports to run, check your business application guide.
  3. If you use Managed Returns, in Avalara go to Returns > Approve returns. If you use Returns for Small Business, go to Returns > File Returns.
  4. Compare the tax liability totals in Avalara to the totals in your business application reports. Your returns are reconciled if these figures match.
    If they don't: 
    • Compare AvaTax reconciliation reports to your business application reports, and see our guide to reconciling discrepancies.
    • If a transaction in your business application isn't in AvaTax, you can either import the missing sales tax or consumer-use transaction or void the transaction in business application.
    • Similarly, if a transaction in AvaTax isn't in your business application, add the transaction to your business application or void the transaction in AvaTax.
    • If you're using Managed Returns or Returns for Small Business without AvaTax, check your imported transactions for discrepencies.
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