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Download past returns and confirmations

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Filed returns and confirmations are available by the 5th of the following month for you to download. If you file quarterly or annual returns that require monthly prepayments, you won't see them until the returns are actually filed. You can also find copies of your filed returns on each state's filing website.

Some states send out multiple confirmations for different steps of the process (for example, a confirmation for the return being filed and another for the payment being received), which might cause you to see duplicates of returns in your history.


  1. Go to Returns > Filed Returns and Confirmations.
  2. Select what you want to download:
    • All filing and payment confirmations for a selected filing period:
      1. Select Download All Filing and Payment Confirmations.
        The filing period menu appears.
      2. Select the year and month of the filing period.
      3. Select Download.
    • A list of filed returns:
      1. Select the filing period using the Year and Filing Ending drop-down menus.
        Set the Filing Ending menu to All if you want to download a spreadsheet of all filing periods for the selected year.
      2. Select Export Filed Returns List.
    • A single filing confirmation:
      1. Find the return that you want to download, then select the arrow to expand the pane.
        The expanded pane contains ACH payment confirmations, filing confirmations, and other documents.
      2. Select the Download arrow.
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