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Connect your business application to Returns for Small Business

This article applies to:Avalara Returns

After you create your initial company profile, the next step is to connect your business application or system to Returns for Small Business through an integration, software that enables the flow of transactions to Returns for Small Business. If there isn't an integration available for your business systems, import your transactions with a spreadsheet.

If you use Returns for Small Business alongside AvaTax, connect your business applications to AvaTax in order to have Avalara calculate tax for you.

If you're using Returns for Small Business without AvaTax, follow these instructions to start bringing your transactions into Returns for Small Business.

Before you begin

  • If someone else in your company is connecting your system to Returns for Small Business, make sure they’ve been added to Returns for Small Business as an account administrator. For more information, see add users and assign permissions
  • Some business systems need just a username and a password, while others need a username, password, account number, and license key. For specific installation instructions, find your business application or system.


  1. Find your integration.
    1. In the navigation menu, go to Settings > Integrations.
    2. If your integration has already been associated with your account, find it under Manage.
    3. If your integration isn't under Manage, click Add and find it in the list.
    4. If your integration isn't under Manage or Add, Avalara doesn't support that particular system yet. Import your transactions with a spreadsheet instead.
  2. Set up your integration.
    1. Click Connect next to the integration you want to set up, and follow the steps.
    2. Each integration has different information required. Find your business application or system to learn what you need to do.
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