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Complete a funding power of attorney

This article applies to:Avalara Returns

If we're filing your returns, we pay the tax you owe by withdrawing from your bank account. Before this can happen, you need to complete a funding power of attorney (POA). This form authorizes us to make payments on your behalf.

Be sure to send us your funding POA well in advance, at least a month from the day you plan to go live with Managed Returns.


Before you begin

Decide who will authorize the funding power of attorney and can do these things:

  • Give your company's banking information to Avalara.
  • Make withdrawals from your company's bank account.  

If you're filing taxes in Canada, you need to authorize a separate power of attorney for your Canadian sales tax. If your bank is located outside of the United States and doesn't have an ACH routing number, contact Avalara Support to help you set up your return funding.

If you're setting up a power of attorney form for the first time, you need to have the form submitted to Avalara by the 20th of the month (so to file July returns, have the form submitted by July 20th). If you've updated your form, or submitting a new power of attorney form, submit it by the end of the month.


  1. In Avalara, go to Returns > Funding Power of Attorney.
  2. Authorize the funding power of attorney.  
    • If you're authorized to sign, select Yes, I'm Authorized to Sign and select I'll Do It Now.
    • If you're not authorized to sign, select No, enter the email address of the person who is authorized to sign, and select Submit.
  3. Follow the instructions on the Funding Power of Attorney authorization page to complete the POA form and sign it electronically.
  4. Select Power of Attorney Submitted when you're done.
  5. After your POA is approved, let your bank know Avalara is authorized to debit your account.

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    You may need to give your bank Avalara's bank origination ID (1911995935).

In Avalara, on the Managed Returns home page, a message displays indicating that you've submitted the POA and it's waiting to be approved. (You'll see a different message if you haven't submitted a POA.) When your POA is approved, the message goes away. Typically, the process takes around 30 days.

Once your POA is completed, you may see a $0 debit from Avalara to the bank account that you have linked to Managed Returns. This is a validation that the connection is working, and will fall off of your account without incurring any charge.

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