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Change the filing frequency for a return

This article applies to:Avalara Returns

As your business changes, you may need to change how often you file returns in different jurisdictions. If you receive a filing frequency change notice from a tax jurisdiction, change the filing frequency on the relevant return to remain in compliance.

How you change the filing frequency on a form depends on the rules of the taxing jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions have different forms for different filing frequencies, while others use the same form for all of them. Only account administrators can change the filing frequency.


In jurisdictions that have the same form for each filing frequency:

  1. Go to Returns > View and add returns and select Details next to the return form you want to edit.
    If you can't find it in the list, use the search tool.
  2. If the form hasn't been filed for the first time yet, change the filing frequency in the Filing frequency dropdown. If the form has been filed at least once before now, click Change the filing frequency (under e-filing credentials), select the new filing frequency and first filing period from the dropdown menus, and click Use this schedule.
  3. Click Save filing settings when you're done.

If you encounter an error, check if the form has an associated location. You can't change the filing frequency on forms with locations assigned to them. Instead, expire your current form and create a new one at the new filing frequency.

In jurisdictions that require a different form for each filing frequency:

  1. Go to Returns > View and add returns.
  2. Click Add a tax return.
  3. Select the correct jurisdiction from the dropdown menu, and click Set up this return next to the form you want to start filing.
  4. Fill out the form details and click Save filing settings to send the form to Avalara for review.
  5. Expire the old form on the first filing month of the new form.

Find return form changes that you've made, but which haven't taken effect yet, in the Pending section of the View and add returns page. Your current return form is still visible in the Active section until the change comes into effect, at which point the pending return becomes active and the original form is expired. Avalara reviews pending changes and new scheduled returns between the 1st and the 10th of each month.

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