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Add additional SST registrations

This article applies to:Avalara Returns

As an SST customer, you can request new states to the SST program by using a guided stepwise flow so that you can easily add new returns to your current SST account that is active with Avalara.

Before you begin

To use the guided flow for adding SST states to your registration, you must be registered with SST and live in at least one state.

Note: Avalara is currently the active CSP on your SST account.


  1. Initiation of SST registration on the SST landing page.
    1. In AvaTax, go to Settings > All settings
    2. Navigate to the Streamlined sales tax (SST) section and select Manage.
    3. On the SST landing page, select Register additional SST states.
      On selecting this button, a page appears that lists all the SST states where you are currently not registered. This list does not show the states for which you are already registered or the registration is pending or the state that does not participate in the SST program.

      Note: This button is disabled in the following cases:
      • If you are already registered in all the SST states.
      • If you have logged in as a read-only user and not as an account administrator.
  2. State selection for SST registration.
    1. Select the states where you want to register for SST program.
      Additional options appear on selecting the following states:
      • Pennsylvania: On selecting this state, you are prompted to specify if you are remote seller. Select Yes or No from the available options.
      • Tennessee: On selecting this state, you are prompted to specify if you have a physical location in the state. Select Yes or No from the available options.
    2. Select Next.

      This button remains disabled in the following cases:

      • If you selected only Pennsylvania and you confirmed that you are a remote seller in Pennsylvania.
      • If you selected only Tennessee and you confirmed that you have a physical presence in Tennessee.
      • If you selected one of the states as Pennsylvania and/or Tennessee, but did not select Yes or No for them.
      • If you did not select any state on the page.

      On selecting the Next button once it is enabled, a page appears listing all the selected states except the following:

      • Pennsylvania: This state does not appear if you confirmed yourself as a remote seller in Pennsylvania.
      • Tennessee: This state does not appear if you confirmed that you have a physical location in Tennessee.
  3. Confirmation for volunteer or non-volunteer seller
    1. For each state displayed, select one of the following options from the drop-down list:
      • True: If the state is a qualifying SST state (volunteer seller)
      • False: If the state is a non-qualifying SST state (non-volunteer seller)

      For details on the conditions for qualifying for SST benefits, refer to About Streamlined Sales Tax (SST).

    2. Select Next.
      Some additional state-level questions may appear.
  4. Additional state-level questions
    Depending upon the states selected, some additional state-level questions appear.
    Specify answers to the questions, and select Next.
    Note: If a question does not apply to the selected state(s), then leave the answer blank and proceed to the next step.
  5. Additional actions for Pennsylvania
    If you selected Pennsylvania in a previous step and confirmed yourself as a remote seller, you are prompted to submit the REV-1843 form.
    Note: Pennsylvania registration will not be processed until this form is received.
    1. Download the form from the page, fill and sign the form.
    2. Submit the updated form by submitting a case.
    3. Under Have you sent the completed form to Avalara Support?, select the Yes check box.
    4. Click Next.
  6. Effective date

    Note: The SST program does not allow adding new returns partway through the month. All SST returns must be requested in advance. For example, to add a return for July 2022 that is filed in August 2022, the request must be made in AvaTax no later than June 25, 2022.

    1. Select the first-filing period for the SST registration to be effective.
    2. Select Next.
  7. Review and submit.
    1. Review the details for each state.
      If you find any discrepancy, select Back to go back to the previous pages to make the required fixes.
    2. Select the check box to confirm that the information displayed on this page is accurate.
    3. In the textbox provided, enter your electronic signature
    4. Select Save.

After performing these steps, the SST landing page appears listing the newly added states.

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