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Add a separate return for each company location

This article applies to:AvaTax

Some states require you to file a separate return for each location. This is known as single-location filing of returns.

Before you begin

Set up locations in AvaTax. For details, refer to Add other company locations for location-based filing.


  1. In Managed Returns, select Returns > View and add returns.
  2. Click Add a tax return.
  3. Select a region.
  4. In the Recommended returns or All other tax return forms category, locate the return for a particular location.  
  5. Select a return, and click Add this return to my filings.
    A page appears prompting you to add the filing details for the selected return.
    If you try to file a single-location return for the location already covered in multi-location filing, a message appears indicating the same.
  6. Under Locations, choose Transactions for a single location, and then select the company location to be assigned to this return.
    Alternatively, select All transactions that aren’t already being filed on a single-location return.
  7. Enter the details, and click Save.

Repeat these steps for all the locations where you do are registered to do business.

To understand the type of location-based return filing required in different states, refer to Returns Central.
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