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Understand Compliance approval of filing requests

Once the filing requests have been created, the Compliance team approves the requests by validating that the State DOR login credentials work, the filing frequency matches the return, and the client account number matches. Other information may also be required, for example, some States require an EFT number so Avalara can pay the tax.

Whenever a filing request is saved, either new or changed, it is sent to the Compliance team who reviews the request for accuracy and completeness. They then approve the new or updated request for use in filing the client return. If more information is required to process the return, you may need to contact the client. During the review period, the request is pending, and you can still edit or delete it.

Once the calendar is active, you can reconcile the client transactions and then run a liability summary to see what transactions are still unassigned.

The returns are then prepared and filed when they are due.

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