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Run reports to reconcile and monitor client returns

Managed Returns for Accountants provides a variety of reports for use in monitoring and reconciling client returns.


  1. In Managed Returns for Accountants, select the Reports tab. 
  2. In the Reports Criteria pane, select the report type and the company. The following reports are available:
    • Liability Carryover Credits: Shows the details of all applied or excluded credits at the tax return level for the selected month's returns
    • Liability Return Detail: Shows the tax return information for each selected region for the selected month
    • Liability State Summary: Shows a one-row summary of liability data for the selected month for each selected region
    • Sales And Sellers Use Tax Jurisdiction Detail Combined View By Taxing Jurisdiction: Combined view of tax types that identifies differences between the client's transaction data and data in their business application
    • Sales and Sellers Use Tax Summary By Jurisdiction
    • Transaction Detail: A detailed report containing input combined with the output tax results for each transaction line item; can be used to reconcile billing cycles and validate tax data
  3. Select the report dates by month or date range. If necessary, select Include Transactions Only.
  4. Under Advanced Setting, select country, region, form name, and tax type. Clear the settings, if necessary.
  5. Under Columns, you can include or remove column information by dragging and dropping into the Available or Selected fields.
    • To reorder the columns, drag and drop the column title to another location in the list.
    • Select Default to restore the list to its original order.
    • Select Apply when you have completed your choices and order.
  6. When you have completed your selections, select Execute. The report data is displayed in the table pane.



    At the top of the left Reporting Criteria pane, a Report Delay notice and tooltip are displayed, showing the amount of time before recently added or edited data will display in the reports. 

  7. Once the report is displayed, you can select the Export button to download a spreadsheet file of the report.
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