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Request a link to transactions in AvaTax

To include a client using AvaTax, you must first request access to the client's transactions before their company information can be displayed in Managed Returns for Accountants. A request is sent to the client's AvaTax account. Once the client approves the request, their transactions are available for returns.

Before you begin

  • Obtain the exact account ID and account name for the AvaTax client. Each company has its own unique account name and account ID.



Without this exact information, the request will not reach the AvaTax client.

  • Use filters to search for accounts and companies to make sure they are not already a firm client. Results are displayed in the right table pane.


To create a link request:

  1. In Managed Returns for Accountants, select Settings > Account Link Request
  2. In the right table pane, select the plus icon.
  3. In the Add Account Link dialog, enter the account ID and account name exactly as they appear in AvaTax.
    For security reasons, the request is rejected if the account ID and account name do not exactly match as they appear in AvaTax.
  4. Select Save.
  5. After approval is complete, click the ellipses to the left of the account ID, then select Setup Complete. Select Yes to finish setup.

The company’s account can now be viewed and managed in Managed Returns for Accountants by navigating to Settings > Companies. All transactions and company profile settings from AvaTax (such as nexus and company locations) also flow to Managed Returns for Accountants.

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