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Edit company information

You should regularly monitor the information you have on your client's companies. Make changes to the information to keep it current.


  1. In Managed Returns for Accountants, select Settings > Companies, and use the Filters pane to locate the company you want to edit.
  2. Select the arrow to open the company information details.
  3. Select Company Contacts to view or add billing, compliance, purchaser, and power of attorney contact types. The Headquarter Address, Signature, and Audit History tabs are read-only.
  4. In the table, select and then select Edit Company. In the Edit Company dialog, make changes to any of the company information fields:
    • Account: This is the account associated with the company
    • Company Name: Used on legal documents
    • Company Code: Associated with the client's business application; if the client is an AvaTax client, this code can be any number; required field.
    • Parent Company: Applies to clients with one or more companies
    • Separate Reporting Entity: If selected, the company is not linked under Parent Company information
    • Contact Personnel Information 
    • Create New Tax Profile: If selected, the company is not linked under Parent Company tax information
    • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN): Also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN). This number is created by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Contact the IRS Business and Specialty Tax Line for information or if you have other questions about the company's Taxpayer ID Number; required field    
    • Business Identification Number: If the client does business outside the U.S., a Business ID Number (BIN) is required. It is created by the government of the countries where the client's business operates
    • Is active: If selected, the company is enabled for filing
    • Is Default Company: If selected, the company is listed as the primary company
    • Default Country: Country in which the company is located
    • Include complete address of the primary company location
  5. Select Save.

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